Homeopath, Mama, Nature Lover

Who I am

I am Christine Marrin. I am a classically trained Registered Homeopath. I am also a wife, mama and nature lover. One of my deepest beliefs is that Healing is Possible.

For you. For everyone.

Over and over I have experienced and witnessed the powerful healing of homeopathic medicine in myself, my family, pets, trees, and of course, my patients. I am honoured to work with people like you who wish to heal at the deepest level.

My Journey…

After I graduated from University, I worked as an elementary school teacher where my love of children was nurtured every single day. After eight years in the classroom, my first daughter was born, and I chose to stay at home with her and my second daughter, born three years later.  Those years were full of beautiful moments and joys (and some challenges) that I wouldn’t trade for the world. Being a mother has been the single greatest joy of my life. Children are the most magical beings to me, and I learn from them daily. I adore seeing them in my practice.

A Love for Homeopathy Is Born

By the time my younger daughter was 4 months old, she had suffered through 3 ear infections. One more and our pediatrician wanted to put tubes in her ears. Not a fan of that surgical intervention, I knew in my soul that there must be another way, but I had no idea what that could be. We came home from the doctor’s office and lo and behold the quarterly edition of a holistic magazine I subscribed to was in my mailbox. In it was an article written by a homeopath about ear infections; it was the answer to my prayers! I made an appointment with her and once my daughter took her homeopathic remedy, her healing began. In the next year she had one more ear infection and then they became a distant memory. Homeopathic medicine activated her innate ability to heal herself, and my love affair with this brilliant healing medicine was born.  Since then, it has been my family’s primary modality of healing and to this day, after 18 years, I continue to be in awe of its powers.

Back To School…

In 2014, at 43 years old, I returned to school to become a homeopath; it was a dream come true. Three years later I graduated from the Ontario College of Homepathic Medicine where hundreds of hours in the teaching clinic combined with rigorous health and medical sciences courses trained me in the art and science of homeopathy and case taking. Today I have a private practice in Holland Landing, Ontario where I see patients in all ages and stages of life.

I am an active Full Class Member with the College of Homeopaths of Ontario. 

Nature Lover

I am a nature lover, forest bather and Mother Earth advocate. 

Nature has been my lifelong friend. As a child and adolescent, I spent weekends and summers in breathtaking Muskoka, Ontario among the lakes, trees and rocks. There I swam, canoed, climbed trees, slept in tents, sang my heart out around campfires and enjoyed myriad moments of freedom to explore nature both on my own and with my friends. I didn't realize all the healing and soul nourishment I was receiving back then, I just knew I loved it there. I still do. 

I don't get to Muskoka as often these days, but I do make time almost every single day to get outside into nature. And what I have learned and experienced is that Nature heals. Nature helps me to connect (and reconnect) to who I am -my highest self. Nature has taught me about divine timing, humility, simplicity and that there is a beautiful, natural order in life. 

I am reminded to be in the moment, to breathe into my belly and to trust my Truth. Nature has brought me to my knees over and over as I watch bees collecting, pollen, as I listen to the birds sing their songs and as I observe and marvel at the delicacy of a spider web, the uniqueness of each snowflake and the magic of a single dew drop. 

I am an advocate of children spending as much time outdoors in nature as time and schedules will allow. It is here that they can remain connected to themselves, our  Mother Earth and experience the joy, freedom and healing she offers us. 

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My favourite nature quote is this:

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