A Case of Panic, Night Terrors and Anxiety Finally Understood ~ The Importance of a Mother's Experiences During Pregnancy

In the summer of 2016, I had the opportunity to attend a homeopathic seminar given by Dr. Rajan Sankaran. Dr. Sankaran is arguably one of the best homeopaths in the world, and that he was in Toronto was a gift.

With that in mind, Dr. Sankaran told us of a young woman who at the time was 24 years old. She came to see him as she had suffered horrible anxiety, fear, night terrors and had marked claustrophobia. As he took her case, he was deeply puzzled.

You see, nothing in her life experiences explained why she was suffering the way she was She had loving parents and a peaceful home. She had not suffered any trauma of any kind. So Dr. Sankaran, in his wisdom, asked her, right then and there, to call her mother and ask her what happened to her while she was pregnant. The patient was stunned and  reluctant -she had to be convinced. But call she did, and what her mother told her was profoundly illuminating. 

Her mother shared with her that when she was pregnant, she was running in a field (she lived in rural India), and she fell down a deep hole that was once a well. She was trapped inside this dark space for hours. She was terrified, panic stricken and thought she would die there. She cried out for help for hours -to no avail. She was terrified for herself and her unborn child. Thankfully, she was eventually rescued and she never spoke of it again. 

Dr. Sankaran prescribed a remedy to his patient based on her mother's state during the pregnancy. He gave her a remedy that is for terror, panic, fear of the dark, anxiety when in a dark, closed space and the feeling of being alone in the wilderness. It was a brilliant prescription, because that is exactly what the mother described and had experienced. 

The daughter recovered completely and moved ahead in her life free of the panic, fear and anxiety that had plagued her for so long. 

This is why, when I see a child, the mother's history when she was pregnant is so incredibly important.

And this is the most brilliant part: Since a female child has, at four months of age, all the eggs she will ever have in her ovaries, the healing is "felt forward". The healing positively affects future generations! So in the case of our 24 year old patient, her own children, should she have any, will have been cleared of this trauma through their mama. 

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This is the powerful brilliance of homeopathy. This is healing. And healing is possible. 


For me, this picture explains the beautiful connection a mother and her new baby have. Moms and babes often need the same remedy as they are so intertwined physically, emotionally and energetically for the first many months of babe's life. And then, of course, as the baby grows, evolves and becomes her own being on all levels, she will require her own unique remedy. 

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