Adult Appointment

During your initial visit, we will be together for approximately 2 hours.  During this time, my highest intention is to understand you as fully as possible.  I will do everything possible to create an environment  in which you feel safe and comfortable to share with me. At times, I may ask you questions to further my understanding of you at the deepest level, but mostly I will give you space to share what is in your  heart and on your mind.  The fewer questions I ask, the less I direct the conversation, which is ideal in homeopathy. This is your time to freely and spontaneously share with me. After our time together, I take into account everything you have shared, and I will have a remedy to prescribe for you in approximately one week after your appointment (or sooner). 

Please print and complete the two forms below and bring them with you to your initial appointment.

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Pediatric Appointment

If you are here with your child, we will be together for approximately 1 ½ hours. My intention is the same: to create an environment in which your child is free to express him/herself freely and spontaneously. If your child is old enough, I will interact with him/her and during our time together I take into account all I observe and hear. It’s important to let your child be as he/she is. If you wish to speak with me privately to share information about your child, we can absolutely arrange for that via phone or email.

Please print and complete the two forms below and bring them with you to your child’s initial appointment.

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Follow Up Appointments

(Both Adult and Pediatric)

Follow up visits generally last about an hour.  During this time, we will talk about how you are feeling after you have taken your remedy and together we will make a plan to monitor your health, symptoms and wellbeing.  Sometimes the same remedy will be repeated, sometimes a new remedy will be prescribed and sometimes I will take a “wait and watch” approach, if it is clear that the remedy is continuing to act.  This will all be explained during the follow up visit.

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Acute Appointments -30 Minutes

If you are sick or injured or recovering from surgery or preparing for surgery, as examples, you may wish to have an acute appointment. They are shorter in duration (usually 30 minutes or so), and involve me understanding the injury or illness so that I can prescribe a healing remedy. These appointments are for existing patients only.

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Adult Initial Intake: $225 + HST

Adult Follow Up: $120 + HST

Child Initial Intake: $150 + HST

Child Follow Up: $80 + HST

Acute Appointment: $50 + HST

Additional Remedies: $10 + HST

*All appointment fees include the prescribed homeopathic remedy.