Questions People Ask About Homeopathy


Q: Does homeopathy interfere with the allopathic medication I am currently taking?

A: No. Homeopathic remedies can be taken alongside the medication prescribed by your doctor. They do not interfere with each other. However, if you decide to explore making changes in your medication, I recommended that you do so under your doctor’s guidance

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Q: What kinds of conditions can be treated by homeopathy?

A: Since homeopathy treats people and not conditions, anyone with any kind of health challenge can be benefit from homeopathy. This is one of the reasons why homeopathy is so popular worldwide - it focuses on treating you, the individual, as opposed to treating the disease. 

You see, if five people experienced symptoms of asthma, each of those five people would be prescribed a different homeopathic medicine. Why? Because while each may have shortness of breath, wheezing, chest pain and coughing fits, one person might find the coughing is better outside when it’s cold, while another finds that the coughing subsides in a warm bath. One person might find that the chest pain is better when lying completely still, while yet another person may realize that his chest pain is better with movement. These are the kinds of subtle yet important differences that I take into account before prescribing a homeopathic remedy.

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Q: Are homeopathic remedies safe for babies and nursing mothers?

A: Yes. Remedies are safe for all ages and stages of life including expectant and nursing mothers, infants, the elderly and those who are chronically ill.  (They are also brilliantly effective for animals and trees/plants.)

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Q: What is the cost for a consultation and how much are the remedies?

Please refer to the Fees page for this information.


 Q: Is homeopathy covered by OHIP or by my extended health care insurance plan?

 A: OHIP does not cover homeopathic treatment, although since becoming a regulated profession on April 1st, 2015, and part of the Regulated Health Professionals Act, there are some insurance companies that cover the cost of homeopathic treatment. I encourage you to check and see if yours is one of them.

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Q: How can I make an appointment to see you?

 A: Please visit the Contact Page to learn how to reach me and book an appointment.

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Q: Why are your intake forms so long?

A: They’re long. I know. They are long because everything in them is important about you. All those details count when I prescribe a remedy that is just for *you*.  During our first appointment together, we will spend about two hours, and the intake forms fill in the gaps of things that may not have been discussed while you are here in my office.

Think of the time you will spend filling them out as an investment in your health. You are worth it!