Hello and Welcome

Christine Marrin
Registered Classical Homeopath

I am delighted you’re here, perhaps wishing to learn more about homeopathy. After almost twenty years of experiencing and witnessing the brilliance of homeopathy, here is one thing that I know to be true: Healing is Possible. For you. Your body wants to heal. Your body knows how to do this; it’s just that when you are suffering in any fashion, your body needs help remembering. Remembering your birthright of health, vitality and balance. Remembering joy, ease and peace. Homeopathic medicine does just that: it initiates your body’s innate ability to heal so that you return to your natural state of balance and health.

That’s not to say that in life you won’t experience times of challenge, dis-ease or suffering. Quite the opposite. Many of the great thinkers through time posit that in order to grow, evolve, expand and deepen our self awareness and consciousness, these times of growth are necessary.  And while sometimes painful, homeopathy helps you to move through those times by supporting you emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. And then you heal. You heal.

If this resonates with you, I would be honoured to walk alongside you on your healing journey towards remembering and awakening your most healed state of being.

I might be the right practitioner for you if:

  • you understand that healing is a process and is not always linear, as symptoms take time to develop, so too do they need time to heal

  • you are willing to have patience with yourself and your body trusting that homeopathy will initiate the innate healing ability within

  • you are willing to show up and meet me in an open hearted way as we work together for your highest and greatest good

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I look forward to seeing you.


25 Stonehill Blvd, Holland Landing, Ontario